Integrated Management Policy

Hana Micron Brazil is committed to meeting legal requirements and other applicable requirements, and to satisfying its customers and other stakeholders by acting with ethics and responsibility. The company seeks to continuously improve the performance of its Integrated Management System, aiming for operational excellence and profitability, as well as the quality of its products. This involves valuing the involvement and competence of its employees and suppliers. Hana Micron Brazil is dedicated to the prevention and elimination of risks, as well as ESG practices, such as environmental protection, avoidance of harmful substances, and support for social responsibility initiatives, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

Chris Ryu, CEO

Hazardous Substances Management

The hazardous substances management system -HSMS at Hana Electronics is aligned with manufacture of electronic components industry trend in control the use of a several substances considered hazardous to environment and human health.

This management is performed through the prohibition, control and monitoring of these substances and follows standards, directives and customers’ requirements.

The hazardous substances management system covers the Hana Electronics internal processes (materials registration, material incoming inspection, final products inspection, final products analysis by external laboratories), according to MN002 – Hazardous Substances Management System Manual, being an interface with customers and suppliers.

RoHS / Halogen Free Compliance – Since 2021.

REACH Compliance – Since 2021.

Conflict Minerals (3TG)

Hana Electronics, through the policies and procedures, requires that its supply chain to commit to promoting the rational use, including but not limited to, Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold in the products supplied by its and this supply chain does not finance, directly or indirectly, or benefits armed groups that are responsible for human abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighbors. Therefore, Hana Electronics suppliers should exercise due diligence, preferably using the CMRT (Conflict Minerals Reporting Template – RMI) in the 3TG supply chain and make their appropriate due diligence measures available to customers upon request.


The Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) is a free, standardized reporting template developed by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) that facilitates the transfer of information through the supply chain regarding mineral country of origin and the smelters and refiners being utilized (Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten e Gold).

Conflict Minerals Reporting Template – CMRT.


The Extended Minerals Reporting Template (EMRT) is a free, standardized reporting template developed by the Responsible Minerals Initiative to identify pinch points and collect due diligence information in the cobalt and mica supply chains.

Extended Minerals Reporting Template – EMRT


In line with its environmental awareness, Hana Electronics has established a Reverse Logistics System, which consists of customers returning discarded and damaged products that can no longer be used to be properly disposed of in a safe place with the lowest risk of environmental aggression possible.

Reverse logistics: To enable adequate product return as well as to clarify any doubts, please contact:
Phone: (92) 2125-6845

IMPORTANT: If the customer chooses not to return the product scrapped or damaged, their decision will be formalized and sent to; In this case, additional information may be requested (eg: reports/certificates of destination).


Our first sustainability report has been published, which aims to communicate management and sustainability performance transparently to internal and external stakeholders. Through this report, the organization aims to shed light on its achievements over the last 20 years and suggest a direction to lay the foundations for corporate sustainability management. Also highlighted are our commitments and goals related to social, environmental and governance, towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

Access the report


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